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Doing Your Own Divorce Online Without a Lawyer

More and more people these days are exploring the option to do their own divorce online without a lawyer. If you do plan to take this path to terminating your marriage there are a few things we would like to make you aware of before you act as you own lawyer.

1. Make sure the documents you use are state specific. Each state has a unique filing procedure and unique divorce documents according to state divorce laws, so which ever service, kit, resource or book you use must be specifically for the state you are filing in.

2. Make sure that you have control over edits and changes to the documents at a reasonable or no fee at all. Rarely are the documents exactly the way you want them the first time, so re-drafts can get costly.

3. Make sure the service or resource you use to obtain your completed divorce papers online are experienced and have been in business for at least 5 years.

4. Make sure the service or resource provides customer support. The support you may need throughout the process could be worth more than the actual paperwork provided.

5. If your situation ever becomes contested, that is you and your spouse cannot agree, we suggest you hire a divorce lawyer.

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